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James Miller, MD, MPH

PG Year 
PGY-4 / GM fellow

Medical School
Harvard Medical School

Cambridge, MA

Hobbies/Outside interests
Hiking, backpacking, cycling, tennis, ultimate Frisbee, sea kayaking, kayak polo

What attracted you to the MGH Global Medicine program?
I came to MGH Global Medicine because of the opportunity to participate in meaningful, longitudinal global health partnerships during residency, the close integration with the primary care track, and the supportive, rigorous, and team-based internal medicine training at MGH.

As a resident here, what have you loved about the program?
Geren and the program as a whole have been so flexible and supportive in individualizing the residency and fellowship experience to fit with my particular interests and allow me to explore different career options at the intersection of social justice, public health, and clinical care. Additionally, I am so grateful to be a part of the community of global medicine and primary care residents - the sense of support, shared learning, and fun among this group has been such gift.

How has the program prepared you to be a leader in global health?
This program has given me a mix of practical experience learning about and participating in global health and rural health partnerships, combined with ongoing academic training and research projects, preparing me for a career in global public health.

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